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Multiple Businesses, Same Address - Google Maps SEO issue?

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Is it true that multiple businesses verified at the same address will affect SEO for each business? Will only one pop up? Or would it be recommended that each business use a slightly different address? ie. use a Suite # or something. Please, advise. Thanks for anything!


1. Gault Law
2. 352 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M8, Canada
3. 343.300.0700

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March 2016

Re: Multiple Businesses, Same Address - Google Maps SEO issue?

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Hi @Elizabeth B


Not really, if they are separate businesses, with own tel number.


However in the real world they would have a suite or office or floor, you would not have 10 businesses at 1 address in the same room.


So, it would be ideal to have a differentiator, but if not, it wont be a problem.


PS: The business page you are referring to is a "ghost page" and unverified which means it is not visible in search or maps:


What Message is Google displaying in your business page admin area ?





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Re: Multiple Businesses, Same Address - Google Maps SEO issue?

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Thanks, Tim. The google+ page I listed is for the client of mine that I have yet to verify because I didn't want to interfere with the other business listed at the same address. Your answer was helpful, thanks - I think I can proceed with the verification now with confidence. Thanks again!