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Multiple Business listings

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1. Full business name - Best Motors Corporation Sdn Bhd
2. Current business address - Lot 645 Jalan Semariang, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak
3. Current telephone number - 082 447711
4. Google Maps URL - Best Motors Google Maps
5. Website (if applicable) - None.


Best Motors Corp is a authorized Toyota dealer sales and service center (3S).


However, there are different listings on google. When you Google, 'Best motors Kuching' the correct listing appears along with all the correct information.


however, when you Google 'Toyota Kuching', it doesn't show the same listing as  mentioned above.


Please advise on how to delete the incorrect listing.





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Re: Multiple Business listings

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Rising Star

Hi @Irwan S


 When I search for "Toyota Kuching", I get several results:


Google Maps -_ Toyota Kuching -_ Search Results.png


Which one is the incorrect listing that you are referring to and why do you think that it is incorrect?


Thank you.


Multiple Business listings

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'Toyota 3S Best Motors' is the duplicate that i was referring to. Before today, i didn't know this particular listing existed until i googled Toyota Kuching and my business was listed simply as 'Toyota', its address was correct though. therefore i proceeded with editing 'Toyota' to 'Toyota 3S Best Motors'. 


So now there are 2 different results depending on what you search.