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Move Incorrect Review from one Business to Another

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I've tried contacting Google several times before about this problem using the feedback method on Google Maps, but nothing has been done about it.
A couple of months ago Google decided to merge information about 2 businesses at the same address and location offering similar services but are 2 completely different companies. They merged all the information to the other company, including reviews specific to our company, and it was as though our company didn't exist on Google any more.
So I have had to add the company back into Google Maps from scratch which has left us with no reviews from the previous listing. The reviews are listed as part of the other company but are clearly for our company as we are specifically named.
I would love to get the reviews for our company back where they belong on our listing.

Re: Move Incorrect Review from one Business to Another

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I'm not technically inclined what an I suppose to do? Do confused can u
spell it out for me