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Mixed with Google Account/My Business (with original account lost)

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Requested Information:

1. IT-Palvelu Kellosalo

2. Kemppilänkatu 3, 20240 Turku

3. +358469322022





1. E-mail service provider stopped providing e-mails (

2. Company phone number was changed.

3. Getting new account (, including new phone number recommendation to Google information. 

4. Verifying Analytics, Webmaster Tools.

5. Creating and Requesting ownership of Google My Business and Google Maps.




A. Does google now have 2 personal accounts and 2 business accounts with same name and information?

B. Do I actually now have ownership? How do I verify all information and addresses google has and who owns them? (If google has 1 account to rule them all, why can't I see anywhere a list of content attached to account and which side account it's attached to?)

C. Why is my personal account shown by Google information as my business instead of corporate side account?

D. Why is my company side account currently flagged as 'Brand' and not 'Corporate' account and how do I change it?



So, yeah, I've been working with ms-dos/linux to windows age software, connections, designed multiple webpages and been coder of more than 10 languages since 1987 and I am very confused. Heck, I wonder how average user would ever understand.