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4.4K members online now
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Merge Google business locations?

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Dear Peers and Google Business Personel,


I am the sole owner of a (4) year old licensed roofing contractor in California. 1005829. I am the legal qualifier and only one. I am very sharp in the internet marketing/seo world, per say, however, without "GOOGLE MY BUSINESS AND APPEARING ON GOOGLE SEARCH", we may never reach our max sales or reach potential with organic content. Please allow me to explain the beginning of this, and where we stand currently.

1638 Babcock Street Costa Mesa CA 95677. I lived on the premisis for two years in a tiny house, and there are industrial living garages as well. This address is my primary address. However, I initially didn't receive the post card, being that I moved up north and now manage a new roofing divison in Rocklin CA. 4650 Ravine Crossing Court 95677. Speeding up to current, both locations are approved - Babcock is suspended and Rocklin is brand new.


My old OC manager highjacked Google M yh business without me knowing and my accounts been in the fritz ever since. He used his Android that I don't own, and added a Highland California location. He's since removed the location and apologized, my bread and butter Costa Mesa address is suspended and I've never gotten any rank or anything from the top search engine in America in four years. 


I am not able to remove the suspension, I don't know what happend? Is it really this confusing. There's 1500 other roofers throwing rocks at me and I'm being punished as I were in South Korea!

Help Free Brian Clark from S. Korea. 9498779474