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Merge Duplicate Locations

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I'm not sure why, but my "Google My Business" page list my company twice at the same location. Is there a way to merge these listings or remove the unused one?


Here is the "duplicate" one that we don't update:

And here is the one we do use regularly:


Thanks so much in advance!


Best Regards,

Bill Evans

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Re: Merge Duplicate Locations

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Hi Bill,
Unfortunately you cannon "merge" the accounts. You can certainly delete one of them. When i've been faced with this, I usually choose the page that has the most views and connections and make sure that the one I'm choosing is connected to maps and verified. I noticed that you've posted a lot of content to the one with less traffic. You may lose that. I've had to remove a page with a lot of content and I just reposted it on my other page.

Here are the instructions for removing a page:

Re: Merge Duplicate Locations

Top Contributor
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Hi Bill

As Krystina has mentioned, you can't merge the two pages as they are both local pages. However, just deleting a Local page from your dashboard won't delete it from the Local database - it will just leave it as an unverified page, and may interfere with search results.

Once you've deleted the unwanted page from your dashboard (as per the article Krystina linked to) you will need to contact Google support at and ask them to remove the now unverified page as it is a duplicate of the remaining verified page.

That is the only way to make sure it is properly removed.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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