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Managing an Account - Real Help needed

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Dear Moderators and Helpers, I am sincerely sorry for continuously ranting about the issue, but let me show a clear and live example, and I am not sure what to do. 


Today Morning a new restaurant opened at the address of 3972 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY. 

- I visited the restaurant and offered our package, 

- I also offered him his own website which

He 100% signed up and wants to work directly with me, I live one block away.  I showed him the Google Places and told him we would request the pin, so we could help create and manage this places account for him.  I explained there will be people searching for you on google, so they will find your website here and order directly through here. 


This Restaurant also signed up with a few other companies, 

The following are companies and the websites they created




We are also Developing Him a website as he requested it, I showed him a few samples, he chose a template.  



Although, I am not 100% sure the conversation he had with the two companies above (And possibly others), I am pretty sure that they discussed to provide a website for him as well, and possibly mentioned the similar things I mentioned.  There is probably no reason for other companies to not mention it, as we all are working as a direct partner with this restaurant. 


In this scenario, Which company should be managing the Google My Business.  The restaurant is clearly not interested, I wasn't going to start asking him if he has a nephew who could manage this, because that would just be silly.  


This is the link to the restaurant on our website

- our website created for him will be ready early tomorrow. 



Am I in the right to help manage this GMB account or should I leave it to Slice or BeyondMenu ? 

Managing an Account - Real Help needed

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The person who could answer this question is the business owner.  I have seen BeyondMenu have contracts with some of my clients in the past and if they signed a contract stating they would allow them to have control of their listing then it could become a very technical issue.  I personally typically won't get involved with business owners that operate this way, huge warning signs, who is at fault when something goes wrong?  You, his nephew, BeyondMenu, Slice?  Or is he going to get frustrated and hire yet another company?  But I would make sure it's something you discuss and make sure is addressed with the business owner himself before you get started.