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The verified listing for this business has an incorrect address line 1, the address quoted is 100 yards away which is a different UK postcode, and despite modifying the address in GMB and sending edits to Google via suggest edit, it remains unchanged. The strange thing is, in GMB it is incorrect then go to edit, and it is correct.


Correct address: 2 Angel Square

Google listing: 2 Angel Mews

postcode: EC1V 1NY

Google Maps:,-0.1077267,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48761b...

GMB edit:


The following images show the GMB manage location steps, and shows the address starts as 2 Angel Square, becomes 2 Angel Mews, then go to edit and it again shows 2 Angel Square.




Click on manage location and it opens like this:



Click on edit, and it opens like this:



Please can this be rectified to be 2 Angel Square




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# 2
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Hi Luminet,


Faced similar issues where addresses and map locations don't always match up to the actual location. Even post manually placing the marker, there is a time lag for updates on maps. Reach out to your local contact at Google and request for a verification via an email to your business address. It may help expedite the case.


Hope it helps.