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4.3K members online now
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Locked out of my business gmail address

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Help! I made the mistake of trying to log into my business Gmail address on a new laptop and change the password. When I realized my mistake, I went back to my old laptop and tried to fix it but the verification codes that were sent to both my phone and my alternate email would not work. I have repeatedly gotten the message that Gmail can't verify it as my account. BUT I am still logged in on my work computer. If there was some way to communicate with them, (which I can't find anywhere!), I could say look, I am still logged in at work, this is my email. But I can't find anyway to do that. And if I somehow get logged out on my work pc, I will be permanently locked out of my business email which includes my Google business listing, my website, and 100's of contacts and emails that I can not lose! In fact I may never see these responses if they don't come quick!  Please help me. There has to be a way to establish with Google/Gmail that this is my email address.


Adventure Pets

2989 Highway 190

Mandeville, Louisiana 70471


(I don't know how to do the Google maps URL)