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Local Community Centre needs to change "permanently closed" status and take control of Google+ page

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My local community centre has been through a rough patch recently and is now being run by a new group of volunteers. As well as having many other issues to deal with, they're having a real headache with Google! Any help very gratefully received.


The Google listing (appears on main search page) is marked as "Permanently closed".  I and several other volunteers have tried to report it as "Open" for several months but the status has not changed. The phone number is also wrong - I don't understand where this information has come from.



There is a Google+ page: also a Google My Business listing (I assume). However, this was set up by outgoing volunteers and it's not possible to retrieve any of the logins.


How does the Centre go about claiming back and taking control of their Google+ page and their My Business listing - which will hopefully address the Permanently closed issue? If this needs to be done by a re-verification postcard to the registered address that's fine, but I can't see how to trigger or request it!


As I said, the volunteers have a lot of work to do already so any help with this issue would be fantastic.