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Lawsuit on it's way.

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I really don't know who to contact at Google, but i have a very serious problem at hand.


I have a website

I'm an sales agent for an English company, here in Finland.


Last week i had email from UK, that another company here in Finland is going to prosecute me, if i don't take off my pictures from their Google Maps -page.. I tested the Google Maps app with my phone. Nothing there, same with my pad and laptop. No images, just Google Streetview. As there was no pictures to be seen at Google Maps, so i thought that the problem was really at Google Image Search, there when you write the other companys name, it also shows pictures from my webpage. I have keywords almost same as the name of the company.. And this is normal.


I replied to this person who was complaining, that i can't do anything about this matter. I told them to register their company to the Google Maps if they hadn't done that earlier.


This tuesday i opened my PC and took a look at Google Maps. There really where pictures from my site, when i opened a new page (ctrl+t) on the browser, took the same search at Google Maps it didn't show the pictures. This was weird. On wednesday they posted their own company images there and my pictures went away..


The point is that, the company that i have been working as a sales agent for the past 1½years, don't reply any of my emails because of this matter and i have a 2.5-3 million euro deal coming up this year.

My client here in Finland needs documents from UK, that i can't order, because of this:

"Your pictures are on our Google Maps -site, take them off or we will prosecute you !"


IF this goes so far that my collaboration with the UK company goes down the drain, who is to blaim?

Google Maps?


Any idea who to contact on this matter ?

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Lawsuit on it's way.

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@Sami V


It sounds very weird.

However more weird is to lack of concrete relevant information to investigate.


I can't exclude that Google shows with a listing "A" irrelevant photos of a business "B" 


And I can imagine business "B" isn't amused about this and is going tp prosecute "A" then.


But "B" should know "A" isn't responsible for the image mess then - its mostly any Google algo then mixing them up.


To help "A" and "B" we should have concrete information about the mixed photos.


An other advice to give is: "A" should contact business support regarding this issue.

I recommend getting in touch with GMB support via one of these options and ask for help:

Talk to a specialist



Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile