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Knowledge Panel - Two Businesses at Same Address

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The company I represent (a health club) shares the same name and address with a hospital, with the caveat that the word "health club" is at the end of the name. example: Hospital name = ABC Company, Health club name: ABC Company Health Club


When you google the name of the hospital (ABC Company) but leave out the word hospital, the google knowledge panel thinks that it is the health club.


When you google the name of the health club ABC Company Health Club, the google knowlege panel thinks its a health club but also shows information related to the hospital, such as number of beds, helipad name, etc.


When I try to provide feedback to the google knowledge panel in either instance, it shows I already made a change. So it seems like the same knowledge panel shows up no matter what I search.


Trying to figure out how to get the right knowledge panel to show up for the businesses.


Any way to contact Google about this?