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Is Google stealing my photos ?

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# 1
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1. Full business name : Maksi-Centar Apartmani


2. Current business address : Miladina Pecinara 74, 31315 Zlatibor, Srbija


3. Current telephone number for technical and support questions +38766299626; for apartment rentals and questions +381642927830


4. Google Maps URL :,19.696834,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:...


5. Website (if applicable) :


Now questions:

Correct me if I am wrong:

1. I own my website ?

2. I own my photos ?

3. I choose what I want to show where and when ?

4. I should be able to delete or remove or hide something I don't want, like, or think it is not appropriate or nice or just don't want to be at that place ?

5. Google can use my website I agree.

6. Google can use my photos I agree.

7. Google don't need to ask me to use my stuff I agree.


finally. Google should not change my stuff ??


And that is the question if I chose to use google free services and setup it like I think is correct and looks nice Google should not think it knows better than me which photo do I like and think it should be at that place I want to do that, I did that.

Why do you changing my photos in the google business ?

If you must do it why are you not doing it to all, why I have no option to stop this ?

I want to chose my own photos to show and sort as I think it should be if you think it is not good or you think it can be better you should tell me or ask me if I want you do it for me ??


My Google business profile showing the photos from my website as my profile or main photo and Google somehow decided that better photo to represent my business is photo of some old house in the area which is nice location to visit if you are in apartments on vacation but that house is not the apartment building nor it is close to good representation of my business and on top of all that it is a very small photo resized on my website for showing a thumbnail and not meant to be starched over whole screen and Google took this photo without even consulting and informing me not to say asking a permission ?


If I wanted that photo to represent my business I could easily upload it and would upload not resized version but I choose not to, instead I uploaded ones that I think best represent my business and correct dimensions and quality if I am wrong it is my problem I am representing myself and have the right to be wrong.


I don't want the photos from my or any other website on my google business profile.


Photos that I want in my Google business profile I uploaded there, if I wanted otherwise I would do it.


You did not write nor told me if I am not mistaken that you would make my profile, I thought that I am the one making it as I think is ok please correct me and show me where it is stated that you will arrange and change my photos ?


Please explain all this to me and show ne where and how to stop you doing this ?


I know I can report a photo inappropriate or small or not good representation or whatever but I don't want to, just imagine how it would be if everyone could or did change the google search page or any part of your stuff and then you need to report every one of those changes as not appropriate in order to return it how it was or how you like it or how you think it should be. Why don't you let the people change your stuff if you want to change ours ? You can report it if you don't like it and we will be glad to remove it after few days ??

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Re: Is Google stealing my photos ?

Top Contributor
# 2
Top Contributor

@Milorad M


you wrote a long story (and maybe I understood only parts of it)


Nevertheless my short anwer is:

You have to distinguish between your website ( which you own and are controlling all its content and what Google shows if anyone is searching for your business  and showing it as a GoogleMyBusiness listing on GoogleMaps or on GoogleSearch (as a knowlede graph)


Its in your case this

Serbian GMaps link  

or the

Russian GMaps link  getting it shown as below:

Screenshot 2017-02-18 at 14.13.31.png

And for the German GMaps link

getting it shown bit more nice like below:

Screenshot 2017-02-18 at 14.17.03.png


and this link on GoogleSearch for Serbian GoogleSearch

or Russian GoogleSearch

Screenshot 2017-02-18 at 14.06.23.png

showing it i German Google Search as per it shows it differently as below:

Screenshot 2017-02-18 at 14.09.50.png


Note nither of the above sex URLs I provoded in Serbian, Russian or German Userinterface are your websites.

That are Googles websites showing some but not all content you might have provided in your dashboard.

But it definetively shows more as you ever provided:

give you few examples:


you didn't speify any direction link and oyu did not specify any link to gather reviews. 

your website 

And I bet you did not specify the order Google show show your photos.


I have no idea why Google decided for Germans to get the nicer photo shown up and for the Russian and Serbian users the bad one.

But all photos are still there and none is stolen.

Just click in the knowledge graph the top left photo or link "see photos"

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Is Google stealing my photos ?

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I say stolen because google took photos from my website and put them into google my business and that is happening only with this site ?


I have few more sites and as I can see in google my business there are only photos I uploaded there google did not get more photos from website.


Short question would be why google taking my photos from website and making them main photos on my business profile and how to stop that ?


As I said I want only photos that I upload to be where I uploaded them, where and what I am doing wrong ?


Why is there link to delete my photos and not these which google decided to put there ?


Re: Is Google stealing my photos ?

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# 4
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Your links with different countries got me thinking this is even worse than I thought look at the google search results for




Who is Svetomir, why his photos are main photo in my profile ???

I suspect he took photo in this location, and yes this photo is looking from balcony of my apartments but what does this have to do with my business if I don't want people to post instead of me I don't remember that I allowed this nor that anybody asked me to ?

If this is the case what stops me to take photos of trash and dumpsters and putting them on coordinates of all businesses around the world is that a good thing ?


Re: Is Google stealing my photos ?

Top Contributor
# 5
Top Contributor

GoogleMyBusiness is not like a recored you made  and someone else (called Google) is obligated to publish as yoou made iand not adding any other stuff to it belonging to oyur bsuiness.

Any stuff of the website of oyur business or even other sources  will used to complete the GMB presences.

This has nothisngs to do with stealing.- its as Search engines work.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Is Google stealing my photos ?

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Thank you for replay.

Does this mean I can not stop google adding photos to my GMB ?
Additionally does this mean I can put my photos into other GMBs of other people just by changing the location data in my photos ?
And finally where I can read this statement from google that they can change appearance of my profile ?