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Incorrect Website on Google - Only if you guys care

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Dear Google and Google Community.  Unfortunately unlike many others, we do not have the time to play this game of "Claiming Listings, Back and Forth"...  

If you guys care at all

"Campania Page avenue" Searches, official website is

- It even shows up #1 in the Google Search results....

Yet the Google Website button takes you here:




If you guys care, please fix it.  If not then you are just blatantly doing the opposite of what Google 'Originally' set out to do, and the success Google was built on.  


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Incorrect Website on Google - Only if you guys care

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We need more info to help you.  Give me the name, address, phone number, hours and correct website for your business.  Or go to your dashboard on Google and fix it.  Or just go to and key in your business and click edit.  It will fix your errors.  It is that easy.  

Incorrect Website on Google - Only if you guys care

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Hello Patsy, I have tried numerous times to edit/fix on the maps.  Here is the full details you are looking for. 


Restaurant Name: Campania   
Google Search for this location: "Campania on Page Avenue"
Address:  240 Page Ave, Staten Island, NY 10307

Maps Place:,-74.236158,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x213f1cfc2...

Official Website Address:

The website that shows up on Google:



Dear Patsy, also I am somewhat computer and web savvy.  Our information is correct everywhere across the web, you can try for yourself search on Yelp, Bing and some local directories.  Our information is ONLY INCORRECT on Google.  We have been trying to fix it for weeks and give up. 


We only request that Google stop displaying our incorrect information to the public. Either remove this bad data or change this bad data. That's it, we are not asking for anything more or less.  Correct Data, Correct Website.  We have been through that "Claiming Listing", magically it gets taking away from us and simply we are now where we can no longer afford to manage and maintain this listing as it would require for us to hire someone full time. 


This is the reason I say, if you guys care please fix it. Thank you Patsy.

Incorrect Website on Google - Only if you guys care

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I'm pretty sure this is just a user's forum to give help to each other - you are wording everything as if you are speaking with a Google representative. I don't believe that's the case!

Incorrect Website on Google - Only if you guys care

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Rising Star

Hi @Staten I,


As @Matthew C explains, this is a community forum and we are just volunteers trying to help users.


If you'd like, you can contact Google My Business customer support if you currently have control of the listing on the Google My Business Dashboard. You can do so by following the instructions here: Google My Business Help - Talk to a specialist or here: Google My Business Help - Other Problem.


For what it's worth, I did suggest an edit to change the website, however it went into review and will likely take some time to be published.


However, even if it is published, the current claimant of the listing will be able to revert the change from the dashboard.


Therefore, I would request you to attempt to take ownership of the listing, by following the instructions here: Google My Business Help -> Someone else verified my business.


If the current owner declines the ownership request, or doesn't respond within 7 days, then you will be given the option to verify the listing and obtain control of the listing, as detailed here: Google My Business Advertiser Community -> Automating Ownership Conflict for Individuals.


Once that is done, I would recommend that you tell all your employees never to reveal the verification code to anyone that calls, requesting for it.


Organisations like BeyondMenu, etcetera will not be able to obtain control of the listing unless someone gives them the verification code.


If, after doing the above, the listing is taken over by someone else again, you can reply to this thread and I'm sure an expert will be able to escalate this and get the issue sorted.


Thank you.