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Incorrect Search Listing and Complaint

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I was told that my complaint did not belong in the standard forums and that I should post it here. So here goes, I wrote this last week...


I have a complaint.


Around 2 months ago my google business was somehow merged with another company's. To date if you search for the other company (Cade Estate Winery) you will get a search result for their business but our name (Ladera Vineyards) is in the title. I have been speaking with several employees at their company and they are as frustrated as we are with the situation.


Both I and someone from their company have repeatedly called with very poor customer support. I was told to make a new business account, which I did and was told that I need to spend money with google for their mistake on Google AdWords in order to get my new business account traction on the web and more presence. I have done this step and the other business account is still the first one that comes up when you search for "Ladera Vineyards".


The other "solution" that customer service reps keep giving me is to "Suggest an Edit" and suggest an updated name. I had tried this myself but the rep told me to try again and then call back if it does not change. So I call back and they tell me the same thing and that they are sure it will fix it this time... it did not. I just called back today and went through the same song and dance with 2 different reps only to be told after 30 minutes of being on the phone that I should suggest an edit to the name. When I explained that I have been doing that, she said that is all I can do and that it will work. After asking if someone else can help me she said no, that suggesting an edit was all I can do. I gave up and said ok to which she very quickly says "please take a survey at the end of the call". I was actually looking forward to leaving some negative feedback, hoping someone else might call me who actually cared. However I heard her pick up the phone again and hang it up which cut off my ability to leave feedback.


Overall I'm extremely disappointed in Google for causing the issue in the first place, then requiring that I spend money on the issue Google caused, and the very low standard of customer service I have received in trying to find a solution. I have a trail of email conversation with my counterpart at the other business, detailing similar experiences on his end.