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1.9K members online now
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Incorrect Address and information for my Business place

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Hi ,

My name is Kiran and I am the officially registered as the owner of Restaurant Bombay Cuisine Indisk Restaurant which is located in Toftes Gate 19B, 0556 Oslo Norway since 2012. Last few weeks I have complained about the ownership conflicts to google, I was informed to wait 7 days for the survey, protocols....etc. and at the end I got  the e-mail that the ownership cannot be transferred to me and someone else is misusing it. The e-mail was sent from , but in the same time to give the right and correct information I have claimed the business location and information I created new business place Bombay Cuisine Indisk Restaurant from

    Now in the search engine if you type Bombay Cuisine Oslo it comes the fake or duplicate page and if you open the web page it comes Benares, Tordenskiolds gate 8, 0160 Oslo. Its correct that in that location there is recently opened restaurant Benares but if you search Beneras Oslo then it comes Bombay Cuisine with the telephone and information of Benares. With the google location and the information when they try to call Bombay cuisine it goes to Beneras and also the location.

I hope the google will give correct information so that I could place Ad words and promote my business. Now I am using Facebook and other social media to promote my business but I can`t use google to promote fake information. Either you can remove that confusing and misleading page  or do the correct and right survey to transfer the ownership so that people won`t get problem. Regarding the Business information, registration papers in Norway and location you can always call me on  004740989492 or and Hope to hear soon from you and the issew will solve soon. Thank You

With Regards


Bombay Cuisine Indisk Restaurant

Toftes Gate 19B 

0556 Oslo



Correct Google URL-