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I recently posted a complaint on another Google board,

"A local competitor (Karate International of West Raleigh), roughly 1 mile away from my location, has named their website my actual registered LLC name for google searches. 

So, If you search the name of my company Raleigh Martial Arts Academy, it shows up for my business and their site looks like a duplicate site beneath it with their own domain name. 

The link takes you to their site, which at that point has no mention any more of my company name.

To me this is impersonation. Where they are trying to piggy back off my web traffic by using my EXACT name. Anyone this unscrupulous might possibly have multiple sites up doing the same thing to other businesses in the area.

Why else would a business use a competitors name instead of their own to advertise for their own business?

Also, people searching for what I do, are now turned off when accidently getting suckered to this click and bait site...."


I was advised to post here by a Google employee from another board and make a new Google My Business Acct. (which I have).

Since posting that, I have also contacted the local AG's office and they are currently investigating if my claims are true.

Google terms state that if a site impersonates you it would be taken down (if it is a site hosted by you). I realize you're not hosting the site, but they are using your search engine to do exactly what you don't allow... 

Also, It seems as though they have multiple domains attached to the same site. I thought this was an underhanded method to improve rankings. But I have to admit, I don't know much about this and that's why I'm here.

All I want is for them to take my LLC name off their website and preferably use their own name as the site title/heading for Google searches.