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Illegial Business Listing but google my bussiness on the phone refuses to elevate the case

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The full business name is

Turnpike Service Auto Repair and Shell Gasoline

460 Jericho Turnpike

Jericho NY, 11753

(516) 433-4805

Turnpike Service


There is a duplicate listing of my business that is called "Shell." I have been on the phone and working with Google Maps Team for over 2 months. They have contacted the other party but the other party who has it registered refuses to let it go. I had to put my AdWords campaign on hold now because the other illegal business listing of "shell" has the incorrect phone number. The area code is incorrect and now many of our customers who are searching for us (sometimes in the middle of the night for tow truck service) are calling a residential household and disturbing the family who lives there. Once again Google doesn't seem to care since they are the "verified" owners of the listing.


So google on the phone refuses to elevate this case to someone who can actually make the change. The phone number is incorrect and bothering a family all day every day, the website address is incorrect, and on top of all of that they are posting current gasoline prices that are incorrect. Our business has been in this location since 1972 and we are losing business now due to our customers using the internet to search for phone numbers.


How can I get this case elevated to someone who can actually make a change? Im not even sure how this listing could be a verified business. I think Google is allowing 3rd party companies the ability to create listings. The only way to verify a business is by calling the phone number, which is obviously wrong, or post card which means they could have possibly tampered with US mail. I don't think they verified by either method. I think google allows 3rd party companies to verify business and they don't need to prove any information.


Google refuses to tell me how the listing was verified. We do know that the illegal business listing is not part of Shell corporation. On top of all of that, there is a company calling our business telling us they can change the phone number for $400 per month. Im pretty sure this is a scam of some kind.


What can be done about this? I have provided Google with our official business license and evidence that we are in fact the owners yet they say nothing can be done since the other business is verified. But it cant be verified by the two methods that all small business owners must use (phone or mail).


Someone at google needs to put a stop to this type of behavior. Im not sure why that allow advertising agencies to make changes to their data.