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I want to delete a google business page but canot

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Business name :  L'atelier des Sphères

Address : 249, route du Montey - 38390 PARMILIEU - FRANCE

phone : 04 74 27 36 35


The Google my Business page I want to delete :


The google my bussiness page I wan to keep :
(the page where the web site ( is defined and where the street number (249) exists)


I have tried deleting it without any chance.

I had created this page as a test, but do not remember the email used for creation (I guess a temporary email address from domain that has been deleted now (the email address but not the domain)).


As the page is anyway blocked could you please delete it ?


Thanks in advance for your help,




PS : sorry for my English as it is not my mother language, I am French.

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Re: I want to delete a google business page but canot

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form the layout of it seems you manage it in your dashboard.

if so you can delete it form your dashboard as well:

To achieve it: click and finde the page - it should be listed.
The click it an oyu will see a link "Delete" - click this also
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: I want to delete a google business page but canot

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Hello Helmut,

I do not know what happened, but the page I wanted to suppress is deleted, but on google maps the old logo and pictures ares still visible... It looks like it is a mix-up of the old (test one and non validated one) and the validated one...
I can no more access the link with the non validated page... It say's page not existing.

How can I change the pictures (logo) on Google maps ? For the moment being I have a non entry sign at it's place... but the logo it well defined on the My Business page...
Seem a bit complicated to get all working properly together...

Ich würde sagen sehr kompliziert ! (Ich bin ein Elsässer)

When I go to the brand account anything is right, but on maps it's mix-up...
Any help or explanation is welcomed
Thanks in advance for your help and advises,