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I have some else's business assigned to me

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I somehow got assigned a business that is not mine. It may have been from someone who had this email previously. How do I get the business removed from me? I see I can show the business as permanently closed bit that seems mean. 


How do I get removed as the owner of a business?? 


It's for this:

Re: I have some else's business assigned to me

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Hi Michael,


If you know to to transfer the listing to, this link explains how to transfer primary ownership of a business listing.


If you don't know who should be the new owner of the listing, you may consider simply removing the listing from your account by following these steps:


  • Visit , sign in, and select the correct account.
  • On the "Locations" tab, select the location you wish to remove.
  • On the right side of the listing, select the "Close or remove this listing" drop-down.
  • Select "Remove Listing"
  • Enter the valid Google sign-in credentials
  • Carefully read each statement and check each box if you agree.
  • Click "Delete Account"
  • You should be taken to a confirmation page.

I hope this helps.  Have a great day!