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I cannot access our Google My Business account - Not sure what email address was used

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We had a consultant create our Google My Business,  now we can locate the consultant and I do not know the email address used to create the account.  I have tried to follow the instructions on another reply in this forum but the instructions were no longer accurate.  I am the owner of the business and can provide all relevant details.  I just need assistance.

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Re: I cannot access our Google My Business account - Not sure what email address was used

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Hi @CellStore S


You will need to go through the process of requesting ownership of the business listing.


 Once you have requested ownership, then wait for 7days before contacting Google business support.


How to Contact Google Business Support


An Idea of the process:


1. Google looks at the owner and see if they have been active recently – if not, they notify the user that they have unverified their page and ask them to contact Google business support if this incorrect. Over 80% of these actually come back as mailer-demons and Google immediately know the user is no longer active and can’t transfer ownership, in which case Google unverify them and let them know. In this case, there is an issue – unverifying a page means losing the views, posts and content that has been built by the current owner.


2. Google reaches out to the owner and they do respond and say “yes that’d be great, lets transfer ownership.” Google help them through that process and also keep the views and social content provided by the previous owner (since they are giving that data to the new owner in the transfer).


3. If Google reaches out to the owner and they don’t respond in 7 days, business support will attempt to reach out a few times through different methods (email again, phone, website portal contact paths, etc) and give them another 7 days. If there is no response Google will unverify the current owner and then ask the claimant to pin verify the page again – so that we can verify they are legit. Keep in mind the process takes awhile because Google wants to be sure the right owner is managing the page and to give the current owner a chance to reply.

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