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Hyjacked listing, threats to close account unless we pay £200 a year - business bust.

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We have been in business for 26 years, our family worked incredibly hard 7 days a week 16 hours a day to keep this small family business running.


This last 5 years has been disastrous and our occupancy levels went from 70% to 10% in the space if 5 years, - and coincidentally our google listing has been hyjacked approx 5 years ago, - and every 6 months we receive a call from "Google"asking if we want to change details to our listing, and if so we must pay Google £200 year for that privilage. Each year we decline and each year "Google" hang up.



There is no one to call, email, write to or anything to resolve this issue, I have only just discovered this forum - although its probably too late.


What can one do?


I have tried re claiming our listing, however it says we need to request permission from the owner of the listing???'s+Country+Lodge/@51.353728,-2.7890882,21z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0...




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Hyjacked listing, threats to close account unless we pay £200 a year - business bust.

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Hi Laurence,


Google will never call asking you to pay to get access to your listing. I would request to have ownership transferred to you. Do you have a Google account linked to an e-mail with your company's domain? For instance, if you were Walmart, your would be to gain access to a Walmart listing?


If not, I would create one when asking for permission. I've been told by support that if you have a domain Google account, it really helps to show your affiliation. If the "owner of the listing" doesn't respond within 7 days, you can get access - you'll just have to follow back up to the e-mail they send you after 7 days has gone by. If they deny you access, I would immediately take this to Google Support. This is definitely not allowed. Here's the link:


After you get access, I would make sure you check that e-mail often to ensure they don't try to get access back. Likewise, when you get access, you would have to deny them access from trying to claim it back. 

Hyjacked listing, threats to close account unless we pay £200 a year - business bust.

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Hi Laurence


The advice by @Markella H is giving good advice.

Don't pay the $200. Yes, have an email the same domain as the business. This will be crucial in this instance since you said the listing has been owned by someone else for years. 


Here's where you start the process:, as the customer support link (.../business_other_problem) may not get you in the right channel to start with.


If the listing is hijacked, chances are they will decline your ownership transfer request. When they do, you'll get an email from Google, and you can appeal your request. At that stage you'll need to be in a position to provide evidence of ownership of the business.

Post back here if you need additional help.

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Hyjacked listing, threats to close account unless we pay £200 a year - business bust.

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Many thanks for both of your responses.


I will persue this path and post back shortly.


Kind regards