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How to transfer ownership or admin of Google my business accounts

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Hi there. 

I have created GoogleMyBusiness page for my husband's company and website, "Positive Electrical". When I created it, I was currently logged in on another email account I do not want associated with his business. (that email was mark@gracenapier.co.nz). 
Now all of the google business emails are going to this address instead of mitch@positiveelectrical.com. How do I delete the business account from mark@gracenapier.co.nz, and transfer full ownership to mitch@positiveelectrical.com?

thanks in advance.


1. Full business name : Positive Electrical
2. Current business address : 113 Nelson Crescent
3. Current telephone number :+64  0210709980
4. Google Maps URL: 
5. Website (if applicable): www.positiveelectricalnz.com

How to transfer ownership or admin of Google my business accounts

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I would refer you to the steps as found at https://support.google.com/business/answer/3415281?hl=en I would suggest that you be logged in as mark@gracenapier.co.nz then complete then grant mitch@positiveelectrical.com ownership status, then log in as mitch@positiveelectrical.com and check the email and accept the invitation to be an owner.  After a 24 hour period, log back in as mark@gracenapier.co.nz and then set mitch@positiveelectrical.com as primary owner.  From there log back in as mitch@positiveelectrical.com and verify if it is set as a primary owner, and if it is, go ahead and remove mark@gracenapier.co.nz as an owner.