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How to split or separate incorrectly merged listings?

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Our main web site:


Our Google Maps listing and Google+ page:


Our business phone: (818) 294-2671


We are the Neighborhood Junior Tennis Program, a non-profit kids' tennis program that operates at a public park (El Cariso

Park in Sylmar, CA). Our problem is that although we successfully set up our Google My Business location using the park's

address, our information seems to have been merged with existing information and reviews for the park as a whole. We only

manage the tennis program, not the rest of the park.


Here's an example search for the park itself:


The search results all correctly pertain to the park, but on the right it incorrectly shows the tennis program's phone number and hours. Ideally

it would show the park's name, phone number and hours. It does however show the park's tagline ("Park commemorating the

Fire Loop victims...") and the park's reviews, which is correct.


On the other hand, if you try searching for the tennis program:


It shows correct search results and on the right it shows our name, location, hours and phone number, but it's including the

park's tagline and reviews -- we'd like to have it show the tennis program's reviews (we don't have any now, but we'd like

to get some).


We are not responsible for the park's web site, Google account, etc. We share the physical address with the park, but since our name

and phone number are different, it should be possible to separate the two "businesses" in Google, right?


Should we contact the park and have them set up their own Google My Business account using their phone number and other

info? Will Google automatically separate the information correctly? Or if not, can anyone tell us what's the best way to

split the two sets of information?


How to split or separate incorrectly merged listings?

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Hope I'm not out of line by giving this a bump... anyone have any ideas on this, or should we just contact Google support?  Thanks for any help anyone can provide!