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How to share 'Google By Business' with my client - the business owner

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I'm a web developer that has set up 'Google My Business' accounts for some of my clients - under my Goggle login.


I would like to share access to these individual clients to their company profile on Google By Business. How can I accomplish this?






Re: How to share 'Google By Business' with my client - the business owner

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Badged Google Partner


In all due respect, you Should Transfer ownership to the individual business, and keep yourself as a Manager. The website owner should OWN all their Google Properties. ( and a marketer- developer etc should only be a Manager)


Better Yet Moving Forward,= Best Practice, Create a Gmail account for the client, in which you link up Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google My Business all under that new Gmail account that the client has access and you use to manage. You can add your personal account as a manager to all these properties as well. That way the client retains ownership and in the future any other marketers etc are not "screwed" by the fact everything is LINKED to you.


Transfer Ownership


Add Managers