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How to seperate merged businesses 1 verified another is unverified

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So there are these 2 businesses located in the same spot, one is a gym and another one is a Futsal court rental.

I plan to verify the gym for GMB

When i wanted to verify for the gym there is this popup from google asking whether those are similar businesses or not and i accidentally clicked yes.

After i input the verification code,these 2 businesses seem to merge.

so when the user searched for the name of the futsal court, the name of the gym is shown including reviews for the futsal court


Is there a way that i can un-merge this because people may be confused


** the name of the gym is Ronin Fit Camp if you search for it, this will come out

problem 1.png



but if you search for the name of the futsal court (Urban Futsal Kebayoran Lama) this will come out

problem 1.png