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How to prevent others to verify and take the ownership of GMB account?

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I have several clients (business owners) whose GMB accounts were hijacked by a business in Chicago. Before the end of last year, I helped 3 of them go through the request_ownership/wait_for_7_days/Appeal process to get their ownership back. The first thing these owners did when they got their ownership were to remove all other admins in their GMB accounts.


I thought these businesses' GMB account would be safe until I found a few days ago that there were all hijacked again. Now, some of the owners have started that request/7-day-waiting/appeal again.


My questions to the experts on this forum:

1. Does anyone know the mechanism through which the company (its staff) could hijack GMB accounts again and again?

2. What are the best practices business owners should follow after they get their ownership back in order to prevent hijackers from striking again?

3. Is there any place in Google where legitimate GMB owners can file complaints against the hijacker(s)? 


Best Regards,


John Z

Liquibil Business Solutions

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How to prevent others to verify and take the ownership of GMB account?

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Hi @John Z

I'm  not  aware  any other places to report such  hijacking  behvior  as  in this  forum.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

How to prevent others to verify and take the ownership of GMB account?

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@Helmut Geissler, thanks for response.


I have seen many posts on this forum about their listings having been "hijacked" by others, e.g. BeyondMenu. Several of my clients were repeating victims, i.e. their listings were hijacked more than once, even after each of them claimed ownerships through that official "request-then-wait-for-7days" process. I suspect that BeyondMenu has developed a highly automated process, rather than relying on mistakes of owners, to commit hijacks in such a relatively massive scale.


For every owner who complained on this forum, there are many outside who either do not know, or are not capable of battling the high-tech hijackers.


@Tim_Capper: is there any "secured way" to prevent hijacking again?