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How to get the previous owner of a company to remove their location from Google Maps

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Please could someone explain how to remove the location of a company that has been sold. As you can see from the screenshot below the old company 'Arwrights' has been marked as CLOSED by the previous owner who refuses to remove it. I have had to create a new location 'Supermercado Ingles (AKA Arkwrights)' in order to provide a location and up to date information about the business. However, the presence of the original location is causing confusion for people because it is first to come up in a search. This is just not on. If Google are going to host a system to display business locations they should provide a mechanism to resolve such an issue that could have an adverse effect on business. I can provide legal documentation to prove ownership if necessary but the easiest solution would be to place both locations as 'unverified' and send a new response code to the shop address.