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2.9K members online now
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How to create MyBusiness when the location has been confirmed and pinned on map by other user ?

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I provide service to my clients for services based on Google Technology and Apps. 

I have 2 issues - searching for solution:

A) How do I create a MyBusiness to a location that has been already pinned to Google Maps by another user (unknown to the business owner for which I do google based services now) and this location doesn't let me/under my account to take the business forwards, for me to be able to claim the business as authorised user in order to create MyBusiness with website and the knowledge Graph for my client. 


2nd) question:  Can I use my G-suite /main account by Google for to create for my clients their 'MyBusiness' Brands/locations ?  or I'll have to create for my clients a separate gmail account / Google + page even thought they wish me to do all the maintaining and marketing works for their businesses ? 

Many thanks in advance for your time dedicated to me. 

~ Mirella 

Here are the details of the business location that has the 'conflict' to manage the MyBusiness and Knowledge Graph: 

Business name: Job Profis 24

Address: An der Wieste 2, 27367 Sottrum, Germany

tel: +49 4264 8357 126

Cell Phone: +49 174 995 1000 and 

both websites have the same telephone number and main office location. Someone has become already the Admin user by pinpointing this business to a Google Maps. The owner can't find the person who did that and I can not claim this business as authorised by owner new user to create MyBusiness and rich content at Knowledge Graph. 


By trying to "claim the business" location - a note appears suggesting that the location has been already confirmed by user The business owner of that company has no clue who is that user and asked me to solve the problem so I can create 'MyBusiness' and Knowledge Graph.