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How to Remove old Reviews and Pictures from a Previous Business

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We have taken over an indoor skate park that the previous owners had walked away from.


Old business - Bunker Indoor Skate Park, 15 Century Drive, Braeside, 3195


New Business - Empire Ride & Equip - same address


The previous owners had a few negative reviews from before we took over and opened on 6th October 2017. Is there a way we can have the reviews reset. I have gone and verified the business but in hindsight maybe we should have closed the old one and reopened th enew one?


Re: How to Remove old Reviews and Pictures from a Previous Business

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Hello Nigel W.


I read your query, well there is no option to remove reviews from the listing. If Google allows us to remove reviews then everyone remove negative reviews from their listing. 


Instead of focusing on this, i suggest you to increase new number of positive review which will help you to make your business more better than previous one. 


In Addition, you can again ask Google to send new verification code on same addressed. 





Nirav Patel - Digital Marketing Consultant India