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How to Remove old Reviews and Pictures from a Previous Business Owner

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I recently purchased a tattoo studio that had to close due to owner having health issues. The previous studio name was Timeless Tattoo Studio and location 1179 St. Clair Ave W, 2nd Floor, Toronto ON M6E1B5. Since the purchase, I had initially transferred the ownership so that i could have editing rights. I was advised by google to change the information to our new correct information - Timeless INK Toronto, phone number, website, etc. - which I did, however I didn't know that the previous reviews would carry over. Being that this is a tattoo studio - the negative reviews greatly affect our business - and this is a completely new studio, new employees, completely different artwork etc. Google had then advised me to mark the business as permanently closed and delete the listing which I did. Then I had started a new listing under correct name - Timeless INK Toronto - and had them send me a postcard to verify. Following the verification, all the old pictures and negative reviews carried over again. I'm afraid to hit the verify edits button because then these reviews will carry on. How can I proceed. I cannot find the old listing since I had deleted the page. I have extremely confused customers and people are hesitant to book with us. Please help! Thank you, Michelle


See link:


On maps, the location is still showing CLOSED. See link: