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How to Remove a Business Listing after a Merger or Acquisition?

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We acquired the assets of a business. Those assets were moved to a new location and are now part of a new store, new company, new branding and thus a new google listing. As part of the acquisition contract, the seller was offered and accepted the opportunity to sell their products from the new (and much better) store location for a period of 3 months. This allowed them a chance to recoup some money from overstock inventory.


During this three month time period, the owner updated their Google account to reflect their address, phone number and even website to match our new shop. This "two shops in one" approach worked well to drive some business for both owners. After the 3 months, the acquisition of assets was completed, we now own all the remaining product, the seller is retired and has moved on. (this all took place early this year - 9 months ago)


We are however stuck with two Google listings that now cause confusion in the market. There is only one store, one brand, one owner but two Google listings with two company names at the same address. Because the seller updated their information to our address it was easy for us to verify and now we own and have access to the account. Best case we would like to simply have the old company disappear. (tell me what button and I'll push it) Of the options I see, the option to permanently close the business concerns me. I do not want to have a Permanently Closed listing at the address that we operate serving the same type of customers with the same type of products. This will cause confusion and loss of business especially with our demographic (mature clientele). For the old business account, I would be willing to change the address, website, phone number back to the sellers previous information (they were there for 13 years) and then say THAT location is closed. My concern is that if I change the address of the old business back to their former location I will be forced to verify that address and I do not have access to that location. (If my concern is unfounded and verification will not be required, I have just solved my issue, but the rules for this are not published and I have no way to know what the effect will be and I do not want to experiment with our business)


I have to believe this happens all the time, one business buys another and would want the old business info including the Google account to go away but would not want a permanent closed at their open for business address.


OLD Business:  Sew Fun Fabrics


New Business: Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop

1585 South Calumet Rd

Chesterton, IN 46304



Google search example of duplicate:,...


Thank you for any assistance and guidance you can provide.