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1.7K members online now
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How's Google search show the business information? What is the logic behind and what owner can do?

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I have a few questions about the Google search engine, My business, and Knowledge Graph.

1.  I search a corporate name for the very first time, i saw the knowledge graph showed. Yet, after the corporate start set up My Business, and i cant see the knowledge graph result after that. Does it mean once the business started set up My Business, knowledge graph will not show under the name search? 

2. When i search "ABC Address" , "ABC Stock" or "ABC Subsidiaries" , google will come up a box to list the answer. May i know where the answer come from? and some information is not correct or update, what the owner can do? 

i know all google products are interrelated, but the logic behind seems so complicated.Any ways that an owner can learn better? 

Thanks all!