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How can I find account associated with the my University?

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Hello, I work in the IT department for University of Caucasus(Country of Georgia)

Our current Business address is Ana Politkovskaua 10, 0186, Tbilisi

Phone: (+995 32) 2 37 77 77 and website is

Our University is listed on the google maps, however we're not exactly sure if the university is associated with a certain account.

Since we are planning on moving to a different building we're going to have to change our address, according to Google Policy if we want to change address we shouldn't register as a "new business" but rather update the existing business page, but we're not sure what kind of account is associated with it since we don't know who registered this university.

What kind of action can we take?

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Re: How can I find account associated with the my University?

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Hi @Lasha V


Assuming this is the listing:


If so, it is an unclaimed listing so you can click on the "Claim this business" link to initiate the verification process. After you're able to successfully verify the listing you'll be able to manage it and make the address change when it's time for the move.

TomW, Google My Business Top Contributor
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