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*Hijacked Listing Details* - BeyondMenu

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Hello, I recently had my listing for Wings' N More hijacked by BeyondMenu. After tons of calls to customer support and emails, I finally was able to post in this community and get back my listing.


Well, they are back to trying to hijack my listing again. I called support again, but they won't block this person from trying to take my listing. I have their email and phone number they use, but no dice and I know I shouldn't post it publicly here. I wanted to provide all the information I obtained so hopefully someone in Google can research and fix the situation.


First of all, BeyondMenu is behind multiple listing hijackings. Last time I was researching, I came across a site that had all the websites linked to BeyondMenu, and it was around 15-20. The way they seem to work is they go around and start trying to claim businesses. I have no idea how they pick them, as the sites are spread out across the USA. So they claim a location and request ownership. This emails the listing manager and they have 7 days to reject the request. If they don't, then BeyondMenu is given access. The reason they are given access, is because they also create their own templated websites with some details from the real restaurant. They typically add the city name the the restaurant name.

Example of their fake websites below: (this hijacking was just posted in this community a few hours ago)*


By creating their own website, they also trick the Google Business team to release the listing to them, as they are seen as 'legit'. The main difference in the site is that they have their own online ordering, which takes customers credit card info, etc. As you can see in the BBB website and other reviews, many customers complain about stolen credit card info, being overcharged, ordering and never receiving the food only to find out the restaurant never received the order, and many other cases here:


Once they have access, they can just reject the real owners, that is, WHEN they find out. Most of the times it takes a while for them to notice the change, but when they do they are still prevent from gaining back access. BeyondMenu in the meanwhile, takes all page views from the real website, credit card info from customers, and brand integrity, as many customers get scammed and leave negative reviews for the real restaurant.


Again, I have the email and phone number from the person that did it to me before. Google sends it every time the person tries to claim my listing. The phone number area code comes from the same city that BeyondMenu is located, in Illinois. Please investigate and have them blocked or removed. It has to violate many terms of use and at the very least it obviously has caused many issues for real business owners, as seen on all the hijack postings in this community.


I hope this helps someone.

- Caleb