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Help delete old closed business from address where is now new company

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Our company New World Security in Ireland ph: +353863310929

We from February rented Industrial Unit 63 Parkwest Enterprise Centre, Nangor Road, Dublin 12, Ireland

and we got calls and visit customer who search company C and S UPVC Windows on our address.

We checked on google maps and fount this company was before in our address :,-6.367092,40m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2...

 Please help update correct information on googlemaps to protect confusing not our customers.

 We tried find previous customers to ask delete info from web, but they dont exist.


Kind Regards




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April 2016

Re: Help delete old closed business from address where is now new company

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 I couldn't find a profile for your new business. Regardless of what happens with the old business that used to be at your location, you'll want to add your business. You can do that here:

Once your business is added there's a fair bit more you can do to make sure you're showing well (register your business on other business directories relevant to Ireland and to your Industry, getting other sites talking about your site, setting up your website correctly, getting some reviews, etc) but I couldn't find a google profile for your business at all, so that's the first step. 


If the C and S business no longer exists, I think the best you can do is to just add your business, do a little promotion, and make sure you sure show up first. A much more effective way to take care of it though, if that business didn't actually go out of business and just moved, you can contact Google twitter support and ask them to mark the C and S UPVC Windows listing as having moved. The C and S site is down though, but I found this site: Not sure if they're the same company though. Either way, this is only an option if the company moved instead of went out of business.

Hope that helps!

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