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Granting AdWords access to another user

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hi there


i would like to give the permission of using, managing the google my business account but I cannot do it.


i would like to add this email address


this person will replace Heemesh Vara.


fiona needs it to use the location extension on adwords.


we are stuck.

thank you.

Granting AdWords access to another user

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Hi @fiona rabillard


There are individual AdWords account that are either manages separately or they are housed within the AdWords Manager Account system. Either way, users can be added to each AdWords account, which allows users to access the ones they are assigned... but not the others. There are different access levels, too, which can be used to further shape the accounts.   


Please click on the links and read up... all of which is great info for you to have. If you need further help, please just let us know.


Kind Regards,