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2.7K members online now
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Google system not allowing to input verification postcard code

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Vitality Bowls - Las Vegas

4870 Blue Diamond Rd STE 150

Las Vegas, NV 89139

Phone: 7023314626,-115.2096595,1...


Dear Google Team,


Exactly a month ago, I requested ownership of my business that was registered by another person to the fake owner. We got no response. About 7 days later we request an ownership verification post card, that properly arrived at our address with a code. When we tried to put the code on the website, the system shows the verification screen for 3 seconds and skips the next one. Your support team instructed us to start a new ownership request. But as the first never timeout, even after a month, your system do not allow. We are in a catch 22 situation. What should we do to finally have our business ownership back?