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Google search shows company name wrong

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The proper showing of our name is GAINSystems, as GAINS is an acronym. It shows correctly everywhere but the link to our website, which shows it as Gainsystems. I've searched every part of our website build, and it's spelled correctly everywhere on our end.








1. Full business name: GAINSystems 
2. Current business address: 1200 N Ashland Ave, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60622 USA
3. Current telephone number: 872-206-8500
4. Google Maps URL: 
5. Website (if applicable):

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Google search shows company name wrong

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This forum is actually for Google's Google My Business product, your question is a better fit for the webmaster help forum

I think I know what's wrong though. Google uses your title and metatags to inform what it should for for a site's title and description in the search results, but if it doesn't like what you put, they'll make something up themselves. Google will usually only display around 60 characters for a site's title, and yours is 75:
Supply Chain Planning Solutions | Inventory Optimization | GAINSystems Inc.

Sometimes Google will cut off part of it, other times they'll just put something else in there instead. If it was me, I'd try changing the title to something else, wait a week or two for the site to get crawled, and see if it changes. Maybe something like:
GAINSystems Inc. | Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Whatever you put as your title, make sure the brand name is right up front. That seems to be an important piece in cases like yours. 

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Re: Google search shows company name wrong

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@GAINSystems I


du you refer to the red highlighted word in the headline of the organic search result as per my screenshot?: 2017-03-09 21-54-34.png


if so htis has nothings to do with GoolgeMyBusiness as it refers to showing the website only.


YOu get the same results and even some  more on a search for "sites:" as this search query excludes entirely the GoogleMyBusiness content! 

See 2017-03-09 22-05-13.png


Fazit: your complaint is a complaint about showing and rendering results about your website rather then  about GoogleMyBusiness.


I recommend you to discuss this stuff with the expert of the websearch help forum:

Google Search and Assistant Helpforum


Good luck 

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile