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2K members online now
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Google my business ownership

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Hello, we had a business inside of a business for several years. There was a Metro PCS store inside a Check cashing store, the Metro PCS store is not longer around and we have removed that listing from google my business.


We originally started the Pocket Money google my business page and it says we are not owners. We have tried twice to request ownership of the page and each time received a refusal message from Metro PCS corporate. We have tried to contact metro PCS corporate and they do not have a contact number or a way for us to reach them and we provided out business phone number in the request and they did not make contact.


The Pocket money business is a check cashing business, and right now it says we are a cell phone store and we do not sell phones here anymore. We need to be able to have control over out google my business account and do not know how metro PCS corporate somehow hijacked our listing.


We have contacted support multiple times and since the request was denied they cannot help, the business has changed owners and all we want to do is manage our page. 


Pocket Money

245 High ST NE

Salem, OR 97301


Google my business ownership

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@Helmut Geissler Can you help?


We have tried to make a new page as instructed by phone support and that was deemed a duplicate listing. We were told we can appeal the request but we can't find the option to.


I have a copy of my ID, secretary of state business registry, ect.


Thank you