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4.4K members online now
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Google my business account hacked by previous associate and I'm locked out!!!

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Good Morning,

1. Full business name - Black Ranch Horseback Riding, Trail Rides, Lessons, Boarding, and Horse Motel
2. Current business address - 2551 Creek Place Drive, Killeen TX 76549 (new current location, not original location when i started this site, i can provide if needed)
3. Current telephone number - 254-220-3704 (not phone # originally used when I started this site, i can provide it for you if needed)
4. Google Maps URL -,+Trail+Rides,+Lessons+And+Boarding+W...
5. Website (if applicable) -


I started a ranch business for trail rides and boarding, etc. I set everything up online myself so I can answer all questions and have several times on the phone with the google support team.  

A former business associate (now exgirlfriend), hacked in with my password, claimed the business, and was able to verify it when I moved locations away from her when we broke up, and she has now set up her information (new business name, phone numbers, emails, although the SAME FORMER ADDRESS etc), and I am completely locked out.  I waited for the verification codes - think i've done this 4 times since April 12th or 13th, but they are now being sent to her address which, not my new business address.  So i can never verify that it's mine.  Its very frustrating, since I can, and HAVE several times, confirmed with the google support teams on the phone, that I AM THE OWNER, but it seems nothing can be done. Because the codes are being sent to her.


and you can see on #4 above, that when i search for my business, the maps location has her newly created business name and not mine.  You should be able to see that The Black Ranch was the name since I created it in February 2017, up until around April 12th or 13th when she got ahold of it.  If you check FB for her business page, you'll also see she began that new business around the beginning of April.  I want my customers to find ME, not her.  

the last step Google support decided was for me to set up a new googlemaps location and start over.  That's in process, but i would like the longevity and reviews and photos, etc back in my possession.

Please help! 

Google my business account hacked by previous associate and I'm locked out!!!

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# 2
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@Felipe L


I understand the frustration but depending on how far away you moved you might have lost those reviews anyways and the photos need to be of your current business location. 


Location ownership is verified by actually being located there, she owns it. I'd take Google's advice - move on and create a new listing at your new location. There's very little if anything to be gained for you with this. 

Re: Google my business account hacked by previous associate and I

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# 3
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Shes dowa not owns the place. That is a place i and her leased. I removed myself out of the lease last week because i do not want any connection with this woman or what she is doing now.
Besides that place is just an address. 528 brenda dr is a home and a barn with a small round pen and a small arena. All those trail rides pictures are from the corp land. The corps of engineers owns that land. The corp land is a public place and brenda dr backs to it. So NO its not her place. She is a tenant om a residential location which backs to land owned by the government.

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