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4.2K members online now
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CIR Realty has 13 Offices in Alberta currently.   They are located here -


Yet a search of CIR Realty results in 6 pages of map listings at because many of the 700+ agents make their way into GMB Real Estate Brokerages.  This pretty much obfuscates the real 13 office locations, with hours etc., and agents leach of the main listings.   I wonder if Google will eventually list all 700 of them there if asked to.  I am writing this as a consumer because I sometimes want to know the office locations and can't find them.  Many of those agents put their own address, websites and phone numbers under the CIR Realty brand.  The pins are correct at though, it's just that it seems a big mess.


What advice can I give them to get this mess cleaned up, or is that the intent of Google maps, to show every agent?