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Google maps confusing and combining two listings

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Hi everyone,


Not even sure if this is the right board, but I'll give this a try.


One of our listings: CF Fairview Park (a mall) is getting confused and combined with a listing for Walmart (the Walmart is located in the mall). This is resulting in a frankenstein listing. If you run a google search for "CF fairview park" you get a strange knowledge graph that combines both Walmart information and CF information. Same for a maps search.


I have had 6 separate calls with the Google my business call centre. They keep saying they have escalated the issue and that I will receive a call back in a few hours. I have yet to receive a call back after all 6 calls and weeks of trying to resolve this. Case number with them is: 



Would appreciate any help here.

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Re: Google maps confusing and combining two listings

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@Mathieu D

not sure how we volunteers here can help you if the busines support is "on it" alreday.

But since it seems you did not get any word back about the matter and its Case ID number 7-3662000012203 I will forward the thread to our communication manager 

Maybe she can push the activity of support regarding your case 

That's all I can do


for my own reference only: a strange mismatch of two knowledge graphs

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Google maps confusing and combining two listings

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Hi Helmut,

Thanks for your help. At this point, any little bit helps and I appreciate you doing what you can.

I am honestly astonished at the support I've received from the my business support team. On my last (6th) call, after I refused to accept "I've escalated the issue to the highest level and you will receive a call back within the hour" the support person said that he was putting my on hold indefinitely....