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2.3K members online now
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Google maps and my business

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Attorney Stacey Mcnelis used to work for Colon and McNelis.   I have created a new business listing for McNelis Law PA, which is the firm that Stacey McNelis has opened.   When you google stacey mcnelis attorney - The Law Firm of Gil Colon Jr pops up on the right side of the screen for the Google Maps which is the new business name for Colon and McNelis.   How do I manage my listing to get McNelis Law PA to come up.


When in Google Maps and you google mcnelis law pa - McNelis Law PA comes up, but so does the Law Firm of Gil Colon Jr.   Mcnelis Law PA and the Law Offices of Gil Colon Jr are not associated with each other.  PLEASE HELP.,-81.9672836,11z/data=!3m1!4b1

Google maps and my business

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A typical problem when a lawyer changes the name on an old listing.  The problem is there is reviews, other data, and Google crawls it and still sees that it once was named Colon and Mcnelis so naturally, it pulls up this listing.  You're going to need to do some SEO, report any reviews that mention Stacey Mcnelis.

Google maps and my business

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@McNelis L


Nathan is correct that you'll need to do more seo work than simply creating a new Google My Business listing. There's a lot of other signals to consider like citations, social profiles, and links just to name a few. 


The Google listing for Colin & Mc Nelis is unverified so I'd claim that one and you can ultimately merge those listings so that you have one less extra profile showing up to confuse people.

Google maps and my business

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

I would strengthen your profile by making sure everything matches on your website and GMB.

I would also add yourself as a practitioner. 

Make sure your map is embedded on your site.

Build links using your name address and phone number.

Be sure your profile is completely filled out. 

I just did a FB post on this very thing.


1. Login

2. Click Info from the left side of your menu.

3. Is your Url correct? Copy and paste from your Google My Business and put it into your search bar. If your site comes up, obviously it's correct. You'd be surprised how things can *look* correct but actually contain errors.

4. Is your Appointment URL filled out? This URL should point to your Contact page. Best practice is to copy your url and paste it into the Appointment field. It cuts down on the possibility of errors.

5. Are your real hours on your Google My Business? Did you know that you may actually get a call during non-traditional business hours to actually see if you answer the phone?

6. Did you add Services?

7. Do you speak other languages?

8. Are you LGBTQ friendly? A rainbow flag will show up on mobile if you click that you are LGBTQ friendly.

9. Did you add a description?

10. Did you know you can turn on text messages?

11. Be sure you are not adding extra text to the title of your business. It should be your business name only, nothing more!

12. Add photos, and a lot of them. Simple cell phone photos of your office, staff, signage, etc. If you would like a Google Certified Photographer to come do a virtual tour, just search Google Certified Photographer. It runs around $500, depending on your location. Sometimes they'll do headshots too.

13. Be sure the address on your website is an exact match as to your Google My Business. Again, copy and paste from Google My Business and paste onto your site.

14. Did you know you can add videos to your Google My Business? The more media you can add, the better.