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Google being unfair to disabled, poor, women, minority and Immigrants

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I have recently learned that Google is enforcing rules that would make it so only one business can operate out of one address. 


I have taken the time to try and understand the reasoning of this but also the bigger effect this will have. I believe the effect will not just be largely negative but it will make Google maps very unrealistic.


Lets be clear, although a listing is a free service, Google at times controls around 80% of the consumer market. They are the market and what they do effects every business.


How it will effect the disabled. 


A good number of disabled people do not have the money or ability to purchase and run multiple addresses/phones. At the same time, they find themselves running multiple at-home businesses to survive. The care givers, spouse and family members often have to remain at the same address along with running from the same home businesses to make a living and provide care. To take these people out of the consumer market is a direct attack on the disabled. 


How it will effect the poor.


This is clearly a for-the-wealthy rule because they are often the only ones who can meet these requirements. More and more poor people find themselves sharing homes and offices. We have not even addresses how this destroys a person who finds themselves homeless but still trying to stay afloat.


Minorities often find themselves in the same situation as the poor.


How it effects women.


Women currently find themselves trying to play catch-up with men. Men have a longer history of already established businesses at certain addresses. So when forced to choose who will get to use the address for their business, conflict will arise, and that conflict almost always effects woman the worst.


How it effects immigrants.


Immigrants often find themselves starting out with the help of other poor families. Them not being able to also establish a business at that same address limits their ability to succeed or survive.


This also will have negative effect on college students and young entrepreneurs just starting out.


The only one that goes unaffected is wealthy already established white men. 


The reason for Google doing this is to match the real world but the truth is, in the real world Google is the only large market controller who does not allow multiple businesses at one address. The other fact that guarantees these groups will suffer is most enforcement is done when Google receives complaints.


I believe the real reason may be they just want a cleaner looking map. But lets look at who is getting cleaned away.


Those that allow multiple companies at the same address in the actual real world:


Every state, town, county and city in the US

The US Federal Government

The Better Business Bureau

The United States Postal Service


I could go on and on.


In fact Google is the only large entity with 80% of the consumer market enforcing such a rule, that I could find.


Do we really want to negatively effect those groups? For what? Nothing more than dreams of creating a map that will not even look real or be useful?


I think Google needs to rethink this.


I would like any feedback as I feel the need to work and correct this injustice.