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Google Should Monitor It's Own Moderators - They Definitely Do NOT DO What they are hired For

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Explorer ✭ ✭ ✭

Stepping on toes again!!!


I am sure that each and every one noticed that when you suggest a clear proved edit on Local Guide:


Most of the times Immediately the results are : " NOT APPLIED " !


I am talking about CRYSTAL CLEAR edits that the dumbest blind person will see and agree with.

If he only gave a [censored]. Obviously, most Google moderator either because they are overwhelmed with huge amount of edits or simply because they are lazy and they know that know one could report them

Because they are the ones that stand between US and GOD (Google).

Either way that is bad. Very wrong! On one end Google want us to report and improve on the other end Google do NOT monitor it's own moderators which MOST of them are useless!


And Please! Do NOT send me links to read and learn!!!

I might be pretty new here on this forum - But All this thing is not a new thing to me at all.


Enjoy your Evening,