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Google Reviews gone and placed to ex-partner pages.

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Greetings, Google.

I hope that anyone can help regarding my problem found on my Google maps review.

My family business is located in Indonesia, West Sumatera, Padang.
The full address is JL. HOS Cokroaminoto, No 88A, Berok Nipah, Padang, West Sumareta, 25119, Indonesia.

The business name is "Ikan Bakar Bu Tres", with telephone number as " +60812-7929-5009 "


From a week or 2 weeks ago, when my family checked and login to the Google Business, they found that the reviews from the business are gone. The reviews that already built from 4 years ago moved to the pages that our ex-partner manage. Basically our ex-partner open the same restaurant business just right beside our shop with a different name.

Their business page is "Ikan Bakar Pondok Mungil", the address is JL. HOS Cokroaminoto, No 88B, Berok Nipah, Padang, West Sumareta, 25119, Indonesia.

I can provide the proof that the reviews is actually for our pages, and i already contacted Google from the suggest to edit and report to change but there is no update regarding this matter, and i do believe that the reviews are important for every business. That's why i do hope Google can help me with this.



Thank you,