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Google My Business Website link hacked?

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1. Full business name Kate's Town Talk Bakery
2. Current business address 206c Queen Street South
3. Current telephone number 905 821 1166
4. Google Maps URL's+Town+Talk+Bakery/@43.5810681,-79.7153431,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!...
5. Website (if applicable)


It appears that the Google website link for my business has been hacked.  I have tried reporting it to Google but no resolution.


When you type in my website address directly, it is fine.  When you click the "website" link in my google listing, it takes you to a Viagra company.


Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Google My Business Website link hacked?

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First thing I would suggest is to check your domain registrar and ensure there haven't been any DNS changes to it. After running a quick scan it looks like your site is possible infected with malware:

Next, verify your website with Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) b/c as of right now I'm not seeing Google having indexed your website (using "" as the search query).

Re: Google My Business Website link hacked?

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You are running a WordPress site, so there are a few plugins you can use to run a scan and look for malware. Try Wordfence. Another nice element of Wordfence is that it can hide your admin login page. This makes your site a little less hackable (very Little).

In regards to your GMB, if you haven't already make sure you log in and check all your business information is correct in the backend and then change your password.

You can also check with your host about setting up an SSL, you will want it sooner rather than later so now seems like a good time.

Do a few searches for Wordpress security to get more tips on protecting your site.