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Google My Business Set Up By Ex Employee - No Way to Recover

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1. White Marquee Event Hire

2. 264 Richmond Rd, Marleston SA 5033, Australia

3. +61 8 7231 0435






Unfortunately we are in a difficult position where an ex employee has set up our Google My Business, we have attempted to 'Request Ownership' but the email for this request will go to this 'ex employee's' account, which is no longer accessible. 


Please advise as to how we can be granted ownership of this business. 




Google My Business Set Up By Ex Employee - No Way to Recover

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Hi White,


You should've received an email after your request. It should state that "Your request has been passed to the current owner of this listing. You can expect a response from them soon. If you don't receive a response in the next 7 days, view your request and verify your affiliation with the business to gain access".


So after the 7 day period, you can click the button in the email and it will allow you to verify your business through postcard or phone call.


Make sure you do it using your official email address related to business.