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Google My Business Scam - Search Point UK

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Recently a company called "Search Point UK" has tried to scam us and taken control of our Google Business listing!


Over the last 10 months (August 2017 - June 2018) I have kept receiving a text message from google with a verification code (4 in total - every couple of months). As I didn't understand what this was for I just ignored it. A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from someone stating they were calling from Google and asked me to verify my business for the listing. They said they were just sending over another verification code just now and wanted me to read it back to them. I instantly got another text message with verification code and told them what the code was. At that point they said it was all done.


A week later I received a welcome letter from "Search Point UK", but as I hadn't heard of them before and don't have any business with them, I just thought it was possibly a scam and ignored it. I then received a call from them and they are trying to charge me £50 /month or £500 a year to have a google business listing (which I know is free)! I told them I wasn't interested and tried to claim my business listing myself. Once I noticed they had already claimed it, I instantly realised the scam they are doing!


I am now unable to claim my business listing as they have verified it as their own! I've reported the violation to Google but I think this is totally shocking. They tricked me into giving the verification code as they said they were Google and they were sending me a new code over.


I am the rightful owner of this listing / business and now I can't update or maintain the info. Plus I obviously don't want a scam company in control of my listing!


I haven't paid them anything, and I'm not going to.


Business listing:,-2.948949,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xaa18...


Scam company: Search Point UK

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Re: Google My Business Scam - Search Point UK

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Hi @Martin B



Thanks for the post, however I think you may be confusing two separate companies.


When looking at the email of who is the owner of this business listing, it is not their account.


I recommend following this to request ownership: Request Ownership of a Google Business Listing


I regularly speak with them, so I am reaching out for details - but that listing is not claimed by them and I recommend starting the Request Ownership process.


FYI: There has been a massive rise in this behaviour from a company in Manchester and looking at the prices you have stated, it looks like it is this same Manchester business, not SP

Will come back as soon as I have details.




Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Google My Business Scam - Search Point UK

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I was talked into using Searchpoint uk for advertising. It has been a disaster. I now can't be found on google searches. My email has been disabled by google, because I have 'violated' their rules.  Called today twice. No answer and no call back.